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Desc:Kangaroo men versus a villain with incredible scene-chewing powers.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:warriors, ACTING!
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 14
Goethe and ernie
Ever since I saw this on a crappy TV in the corner of a Moroccan cafe, I've wondered what it was. Now I know.
wtf japan
You should write for J. Peterman, if you don't already.

This movie pissed me off for having nothing to do with the Ultima series.
I can only hope that when I get around to watching this it will turn out the bad guy is a good throughout the movie as he is in this clip. I mean, wow.
Wait I'm confused did that guy kill Cyrus?
Russel Crowe with 80's metal hair?
robert the bruce.

Roland Orzabal?

I remember going to see this solely on the basis of it had to be so terrible, it must be amazing in its own way. It kinda is, actually.

Notice; this film also contains Marley Shelton in nearly see-through dresses.

no, Robert the Bruce, as in the guy who played Robert the Bruce in braveheart: Angus Macfadyen

also, warriors of virtue had a sequel.

also, this is a comment from the sequels IMDB page:

"*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed the first film in this series, but i was a little disappointed with this one. Firstly there are no Kangaroos, they have all changed into real people. Also the storyline is a bit poor, with pretty much the same story as the first one. The martial arts are ok in this film, but some parts seemed poorly done.

Overall i was disappointed with this film as i was looking forward to the fantasy that the first one had. This one just isnt the same. Overall i give it a 5/10. "

Testicles of Doom
I... I think... I.... uh... don't know about this.
Helena Handbasket
I remember when this came out. I remember my mom saying "oh that looks like something you guys would like". I remember thinking "oh fuck no". I also remember this being my first pseudo-introduction to what I would later learn were furries.

Angus Macfadyen lost one hell of a bet.
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