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Desc:Sometimes a bottle of fizzy lemonade is just a bottle of fizzy lemonade.
Tags:estonia, lemonade, Harry Egipt, sweat, fizz
Submitted:Jaguar Wong
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I want so badly to rape capitalism. Plz help.
Clearly capitalism wants it and is just too stuck up to admit it.

No amount of stars can express my appreciation at reading the above reply.

Estonians really like heavy metal in their comercials.
An astute observer might note a subtle phallic symbol.
Translation: Milk, milk, lemonade. Around the corner, the fudge is made.
I imagine Estonia as a place where the 70s hilariously never ended.
Man, either Estonian gyms are really poorly lit or their strip-clubs are really health conscious.
Those are some expertly rolled "R"s.
Why are foreign advertisements gross?
Godard's Drinking Problem
Why do foreign advertisements give me erections?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I think Estonian just replaced Klingon for badass angry languages. I want to buy lemonade now for fear of my life.
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