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Desc:I have no idea what this is a parody of, but I assume this is better.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Paint, squirt, zune, hirsute
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Caminante Nocturno
I'm certain that this is not worksafe.
I have a fundamental problem with this, but still cannot down vote it.
Spike Jonez
But is it art?
Fatty Art. Fart.

I think i sat speechless for about a minute with my hand over my mouth when it was done. Well done, but i think whats even worse is I own a zune......
there's a 'porno' called mila, ass artist in which our starlet, a racist junkie who will do anything for money, fills her cock-ravaged anal canal w/watered-down acrylic paints + sprays her contents onto an unsuspecting canvas. then she shoves food into it. google at your own risk.

there is, of course, a story behind this, but nobody cares.
"Oh. Oh god."

Repeat from :38 to 1:20.
J...Jesus Christ...
I think...I just witnessed how the universe was made.
Well, that's one way to tell how you feel about Microsoft products.
La Loco
Putting paint inside your body can be potenially dangerous. T]tempra would most likely be the safest bet.
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