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Desc:If you start to feel sorry for the dude, just remember Abu Ghraib.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:bush, President Bush, dis, white people
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Mike Tyson?!
Holy shit. He is/was our president and this is how the world treats him.

I think this may be the only kind of thing that actually affects him.

I approve of both Bush's despondency and Rick Sanchez's idiocy.

Bush shook the hands of each of those people as they entered, as its being hosted in Washington. Most likely the protocol is to shake the hands of those they haven't already. And linked Google terms doesn't mean its not a personal opinion.

I'll give a fifth star if someone sinks the footage up to Charlie Brown's song.
Well put; I didn't realize what was going on until you pointed it out. Either way, it's pretty cool that Bush looks so lost. All of a sudden he seems to be channeling Roast Beef Kazanzakis.

i'm taking you up on this challenge... it'll be on the hopper in about 5

I'd love to think that this is how every day is going to be for him from now on. Nobody shouting insults, even- just everyone ignoring him.
bang to buck ratio
Search: Bush+the Devil - 2,590,000 hits
Search: Bush+Alien - 11,400,000 hits
Search: Bush+Transvestite - 2,120,000 hits
Search: Bush+Dildo - 6,170,000 hits
Search: Bush+Pie - 21,600,000 hits
I approve of this message

That's a bulb.

But the stars are for "Maybe what goes around comes around... or maybe not!" CNN's forced and false impartiality really goes poorly sometimes.

Search: Bush+Dumbass - 962,000 hits
Search: Bush+Shithead - 82,400 hits
Search: Bush+Anal Probe - 85,000 hits

And, surprisingly

Search: Bush+Baleen - 26,300 hits

I bet most of those people are ready to give out sloppy blowjobs to Obama, though. The first few months of '09 should be fun news months.
There are more hits for Bush being a pie than for him being the devil and a dildo combined.
It's somewhat dangerous to ignore him. He's only got three months left and he's basically got nothing but time and loneliness, and those pardon cartificates fill themselves out. Lots of Johnny Walker, though.

First Presidential suicide is always a way to get into the history books if hook and crook have failed.
Fuck you Bush. You deserve much worse.
Caminante Nocturno
Just leave, already.
wtf japan
Now see, this raises my hackles a little bit. You KNOW they would have grudgingly shook his hand before the election, but now that they're sure the American people don't support him anymore, they think it's safe to spit on him. Bunch of pussies.
Well at least they're spitting on him at all. Someone should be.

I don't know it looks a bit like he isn't looking for handshakes himself either, except for one (english guy?) who obviously refuses him, he just doesn't look at the others.
Doctor Frederick Odd
Am I late to point out that this happened shortly after bush had already shaken hands with everyone in that meeting?
Raoul Duke 138
The Mothership
Good riddance.
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