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Desc:Dr. Ashen risks permanent eye damage in search of the true 3d experience.
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:3D, goggles, dr. ashen, Eye Damage, Bleeding From the Eyes
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Comment count is 8
Extra star for the surprise ending.
I dunno, I think he looks kinds awesome with them on.
His mustache is shameful, but he's still a better dresser than Yahtzee.
5 stars for the "real" 3D Magic Eye he put in at 2:38 saying "ARSE" when you do it correctly.
Does this guy just not have any friends to help him film this stuff?
So...It`s a giant magnifying lens to stare at the TV?

The 3d glasses for the Sega Master System had the benefit of actually fucking working. Sad to say that "Virtual Reality" has gone nowhere since.
Zaxxon 3D was fucking awesome. That you for the memories.

Thank you even.

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