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Desc:New York Times art project filming children while they play video games
Category:Arts, Video Games
Tags:New York Times, slack-jawed, Children of the Damned, Why is that one crying?
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Comment count is 23
If I ever make a game, I want none of these children playing it. I will stop them somehow.
"How do you feel about bullets?"

I refuse to believe there was actually someone involved in this project named Andrew Wiggins.
Wow, Good catch. I probably wouldn't have noticed that. I hope that is a fake name, because otherwise I'm just worried.

Wiley Wiggins starred in the movies Waking Life and Dazed and Confused:


The one stoner-looking kid who's expression never changes is probably the only kid who plays a lot of video games.
Doctor Arcane
I like to make believe she's murdering old ladies in GTA.

Sort of like a vapid version of Godfrey Reggio's "Evidence"
This is about how focused young people are while playing video games?
Are kids supposed to be multi-tasking playtime?
Where's my Ritalin?

Is it wrong that the whole time I kept thinking how *wrong* this video could be with the right soundtrack?
j lzrd / swift idiot
Whoever dubs it with porno movie sound effects gets my undying affection.

Freeman Gordon
I am in one video game I believe.
What is up with the kid crying? Or was that sweat?
you don't game a lot... it's from not blinking.

forgetting to blink

I have never, ever, ever done that in my life, and I almost strictly post to the Video Games forum.

Show me your war face!

That one girl probably doesn't play video games, thus the bored expression. Also, sure this looks dumb, but how about the expression of someone reading a magazine, working a grill, driving a car, or taking a shit ? everyone has a "focused" face. I can't tell if this project is going for a shock factor of a child's face when playing a violent game, or if it is simply a documentation... in which case I think I would rather see the face of someone taking a large, chunky dump.
Comrade Admiral
What game features the Soviet anthem as victory music?
erection reset by queer
If that's a serious question, it's Call of Duty 4.


All my stars go to the morose Russian girl.
"Come back here and let me stab you!" That kid knows the score.

The one at 1:47 is definitely sniping. That's why the concentration.

If you're a kid who's not impressed by guts, gore, and shooting stuff, there's something wrong.

Also -1 for the easy shot.
It looks much better than sex.
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