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MiAmore - 2008-11-24

... Wow. They've gone epic.

StumpyJoeMcGee - 2008-11-24

That Braveheart-esque music at the end reminds me of montage they play at the end to every crappy Jerry Bruckheimer-produced TV Investigation Unit show.

So, 5 stars for helping me hate-love those shows just a little more.

StumpyJoeMcGee - 2008-11-24

Oooh, an added tag! Nice!

gourmetemu - 2008-11-24

Way to kick it up a notch gents.

awaltke - 2008-11-24

The War on TP Smuggling has clearly been an ignored issue in this election season.

patapon - 2008-11-24

hahahah. The next one should show the smuggling ring from the dude at the end's perspective. SOMETHING has to be going on there...

PotatoLover - 2008-11-24

5 for making a sav-a-sack joke.

Camonk - 2008-11-24

Yeah you DID think that.

lilguysattack - 2008-11-24

love it!

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-11-24


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