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Desc:To be fair, the game is kind of difficult when you're drunk.
Category:Video Games, Fashion
Tags:Drunk, pinball, Johnny Mnemonic, drunk talk or foreign language?, white dreads
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Comment count is 11
The more I watch this...I think he may be sober...
That's a mean thing to do to a caveman.
Innocent Bystander
That's Swedish. And I find the idea that it would sound like really drunken English to someone hilarious :D
Well, he says "Fuckin!" a couple of times, and I find that Swedish sounds like really drunk English pretty fucking funny too.

a flaming monkey
Meh, there were pinball machines at university which evoked more powerful rages. I saw a guy break the glass of one, by lifting the front end and slamming it down. He had a tiny child with him, which made the experience even more sad.
a flaming monkey
...Wait! Maybe he's just angry at Keanu Reeves.
Jesus Christ, all the guy wants is a little room service.

Caminante Nocturno
Yeah, shake it around. That'll help.
To be fair, that's about how I reacted to the movie.
What the hell was that kid thinking. He almost got kicked, and pushed over and he definitely wasn't looking for a fight.
Lauritz Melchior
John Lennon sure has changed.
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