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Desc:There are quite a few of these.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:black people, Man and Wife, Black Baby, Youtube in bed, High Yellow People
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Comment count is 17
When did Akon come to replace Wesley Snipes as the standard of "really black"?
Oh yeah absolutely more of this. These people seem to have an extremely healthy relationship.
5 stars for 1:48 onwards.
WTF is "high yellow"?

Jesus, one of the worst things racism has done to the African American community is to convince a number of them there is some kind of legitimacy associated with the amount of melanin in one's skin.

Also this is just an entertaining video.
Please add a "high yellow" tag just for future research.

most of the blacks in the US are "mixed", it all started with slave-raping, and continued with mixed couples etc. the "racial" traits have become blurred, i guess that really pisses of black supremacists.

Also: I want Arthur to be the new standard for really black!

wtf japan
You're probably wondering about the "paper bag" test then as well. At my college, there is a black sorority that will not let you join unless the tint of your skin is lighter than that of a brown paper bag. They physically hold a brown paper bag up next to your skin. They also don't like for the girls' hair to be "natural" so they make them straighten it or augment it in some other way to make it look less "black." Fun stuff.

How do they get away with that shit? I'm not talking about how they avoid white people screaming "see? they're racist too!" I'm talking about with other black people?

The whole paper bag thing goes back to the days of segregation.
In New Orleans, high-yellow folks were considered white enough to be served in some places that were considered "white only" and they used the paper bag test.

Because melanin expression in the genome is exactly like mixing paint.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I was going to make a joke about how uninformed the "Skin Color as Paint Mixing or She Cheated" argument they made was. Something like, "Haha, yeah, seriously I bet these two imbeciles couldn't even SPELL 'homologous chromosome alleles!'" Which, I admit, I did sort of smirk at.

Then I realized I'd be doing everyone a disservice with that. It assumes they have nothing more than a vague laymans notion of how reproduction works, the basic "He got that from his daddy, but he got that from his momma" thing. Who knows, she at least seems to know what DNA is, kind of, even if the letters A, C, T, and G likely mean zero-nada-zip-zilch to her.

If you want to know why your kid has a different tone, ask someone who pulls down a low-to-medium-end six figure as a years pay, spent ten plus years and 0,000+ doing nothing but studying in the medical field, works in a lab coat, latex gloves, and goggles, and has a cute little double helix string for a desktop image or as a statue/paperweight on the coffee table at home. You're going to get a clear, concise, non-ambiguous, and most importantly educated answer. This video is just the blind leading the blind.

And now I'm hoping this is TL;DR because WOW what the fuck did I just type?

Adham Nu'man
Great advice. Wisdom is always 5 stars.
I want all my relationship advice from Fatman Scoop too
is that fatman scoop THATS FATMAN SCOOP

5 stars

Apparently every black woman's a slut except this guy's Mom.
man and wife? i like it...i wanna see more...
Big Muddy
High Yellow, as in "High Steppin Yella".

Treading on some very thin ice here friends.

Paper Bag Test? Some shit is just too sad.
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