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Desc:I wonder if this is about Julia Sweeney?
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:christianity, godtube, unconvincingly perky, Victoria Jackson
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Comment count is 25
How dare you get an education, woman!
In my experience the religious "talk about it all day long" much more frequently than atheists.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think Julia Sweeney is somewhere laughing at this with her friends.

She can't hit a single note, she looks drugged up but isn't, she hasn't been in showbiz in 20 years and now suddenly thinks she can make some comeback through Xian shows desperate for any Christian celeb but she comes across as a dingbat even to them.
Wow this stupid bitch is exactly as good at understanding nuanced, difficult topics as she is at being funny.

Whereas Julia Sweeney really does get the nuance and the difficulty and is also funny. Weird. I'd love to think this is about Julia Sweeney, or else we're gonna look a little creepy talking about her constantly.
Wait, Julia Sweeney is funny?

The Nuance of Pat.

Sweeny is about as funny as a dead puppy.

Compared to Victoria Jackson she is.

I would guess she is talking more about Jenine Garafalo than Julia Sweeney, but then again, I know next to nothing about Julia Sweeney other than she played "Pat".
Binro the Heretic
I wonder if Victoria and Weird Al are still close friends.
Mike Tyson?!
Xians never talk about their religion.
Until I looked it up, I had no idea she'd turned so batshit insane.
Spit Spingola
Very odd comeback of sorts for this lady. Can she walk on her hands?
She can't remember the words to her own song?
Oh, additionally, the subtitle says "Former Saturday Night Live Star".

Wikipedia says...
* Brenda Clark from Toonces the Driving Cat
* Jenny Baker, a Christian girl who appears on "Church Chat"
* Nancy Maloney, a nightclub singer for The Jungle Room
* Susan Keister, the daughter of the Keister family (played by Phil Hartman and Jan Hooks)

Star? Notsomuch.
Rodents of Unusual Size
She hasn't done jack for twenty years, so this whole public attempt at reentering television should be interesting for fail value.

Syd Midnight
This is the worst, most disappointing case ever of a comedian turning out to be exactly like their one character. And I don't think it even counts as "comedy" if people laugh at you for being a retard when you really are mentally retarded. That's tragedy.
Did she just call someone out for talking about religion nonstop while wearing thick black glasses while doing the same? I'm going to assume this is an elaborate Andy Kaufmanesque performance.
I remember her saying Obama showed "strong signs of being the antichrist", and she "urged uneducated voters not to vote for him".

That's a little sad she can't remember the words to a song she wrote and intended to play on television. Even Joey Ramone rembered the words
"If he doesn't exist, why do you keep talking about him?"

See, I told you people. BATMAN EXISTS!

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson. God's not for real.
Some people think Superman and Power Girl would be sexually attracted to each other, because they're both Kryptonians, never knew each other back on Krypton, and aren't actually related. Other people think that the fact that they are multiversal analogs of cousins means that they feel just related enough that they don't feel right about going there. Still others argue that they feel the attraction and would desperately love to go there, but despite the fact that Kryptonian law allows for cousins to marry, United States law does not, so they must remain perpetually frustrated.

I mention this because the various adherents of these beliefs (as well as a few splinter beliefs involving Kingdom Come Superman, Vartox, etc.) are vying to make their model of the Superman / Power Girl relationship enshrined into law that the rest of the country will be obligated to follow.

Every now and again, someone says "What the shit? They're just comic book characters!"

And then Victoria Jackson says, "a-HA! You wouldn't talk about Superman and Power Girl so much if you didn't think they were real!"

(By the way, I have my religious beliefs, but they're my business and nobody here is obligated to follow them or even know what they are. That's more or less how it should be. But if you like, I'll share my thoughts on the Superman / Power Girl thing.)
Please do, I hate comic books but I read something like Vortex (whoever that is) is from a planet where all the girls are sterile and has to pork powergirl to send pregorays into space to refertilize Vorte's planet OR SOME SHIT. Tell me it's all true please.

Vartox! He was explicitly modeled after Sean Connery as Zardoz.

And yes, you've more or less got the story of Power Girl and Vartox down. Power Girl thought he was trying to sleep with her, when it turns out he just needed to utilize her healthy fertile womanly potential to jump-start that of the women on his world.


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