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Desc:The UK's most obnoxious car insurance advertisement. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Category:Advertisements, Crime
Tags:insurance, austrailians, sheila, bonzer
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Comment count is 11
bopeton - 2008-11-30
So, are businesses allowed to discriminate by gender in the UK or what?

"Sorry, our bonzer deals are only for ladies. Head on over to Tommy's Wheels."
AltMazter - 2008-12-01
There was a taxi company in the Netherlands that had a service only for women (and men under female supervision). But the taxi company also had a service for men (and women under male supervision). So the company didn't rule out the other gender but had special gender-oriented services. No discrimination here...

CharlesSmith - 2008-12-01
I dunno about the rest of the world but in Canada it's legal for insurance to discriminate based on gender as long as they have statistics that "prove" women tend to be safer drivers. Based on this commercial I'm going to guess that, yes, it is also legal to discriminate based on gender in the UK.

PlushJake - 2008-12-01
The premium insurance for women who never touch the steering wheel.
mouser - 2008-12-01
Or have their cars driven by dogs.

godot - 2008-12-01
In at least 3 cuts, they're driving at about 50 mph, hands off the wheel, and BACKWARDS.

atheistgirl - 2009-01-10
That dog is a kangaroo.

chumbucket - 2008-12-01
and that sells to who exactly?
garcet71283 - 2008-12-01
The English, apparently.

ProfessorChaos - 2008-12-01
I'm not sure what "Bonzer" means, but from the context, i assume it means "discriminatory, pro-feminist"
oddeye - 2008-12-01
Fuck you all, these adverts were the best thing on daytime tv for ages.
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