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Desc:Reflections on the Republican election loss (and how he is feeling better :D)
Tags:republicans, Election 08, scars, Cena_Mark
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Comment count is 36
wait, did he cut himself because of obama?

The belt, the shirt, the flags, the facepaint, the doll. That's some dedication to this character, and stars.
Hey, it took a lot of time and patience for him to find all those on eBay, you know.

And that's not facepaint. He had to paint his arms and neck pasty white.

At this point I don't care to what degree he is this person, in any case he gets a big gold star.

Its not a doll. ITS AN ACTION FIGURE!

That is a beautiful summation of my thoughts.

Thatcher Pennywhistle
woah. This is the first one I've seen. This is too good to be real.
Syd Midnight
Yeah, Cena Mark has taken it to the next level.

Killer Joe
Enjoy your tax cutz.
I really don't want to believe he's real so I'm just going to keep assuming it's Baleen until I see them standing next to each other or something.
wtf japan
Nah, I'm gonna change my mind on the baleen thing. That is an authentic Atlanta city-boy accent. I guess I'm gonna have to go with Hooper X then, since he's the only other Atlantian I know of on poetv besides myself. And this sure ain't me: I don't have the talent or the free time to pull this off.

On that note: why don't you stop by sometime, Cena? I don't live that far from little 5. I'll get you some Pabsts and uh, fruit roll ups or whatever the hell hipsters eat.

Yeah, I don't think it's baleen. They don't even sound the same.

WTF Japan, that is a cool offer, but I am not a hipster, I loathe hipsters. I don't drink PBR I like, Guinness and Sweetwater 420.
I won't eat a fruit roll up, I'll eat a friggin hipster alive in a fight.

Oh and I am not Baleen. But you can think what you wanna it won't bother me. One day you'll be convinced.

Four stars, cause I can do so much better.

I couldn't quite see the scars, how well are they healing actually?

If you can do better, prove it Queena Lark.

I dunno, that NPR reference at the end seems awfully suspicious.


"One day you'll be convinced."
Are you going to kill me?

Unless he is very adept in changing his voice and accent or something.
Wait I thought it was decided this was baleen.
It is, but somehow the sequel turned out better than the original. Cena_Mark is Baleen's Addams Family Values.


This is amazing.

Adham Nu'man
Welcome back Cena, more comments to be ignored in the future, EUREKA!
Oh great, he lives in my fucking state.
Oh great, he lives in my fucking country.

Oh great, he lives on my fucking continent.

Seriously though, if one were to extend his "second Carter" analogy, does that make Bush the second Ford? Or Nixon, since Ford was never a successful candidate in a presidential election. Either one could fit, really.

maybe its because im drunk but its it kinda uncouth for you cena to reply to these?

its like breaking the eight wall
Truly dedicated to his craft.
Rodents of Unusual Size
5 stars for the return of the greatest heel in YouTube history.
Goethe and ernie
No idea if this is real or not but it would be churlish to dock stars just for that. This is.... this is wonderful...
The cool thing is that it doesn't matter. If it's fake, whoever is doing it (baleen) has a lot of dedication and is probably completely crazy. So, I mean, no matter what we're watching the steady deterioration of a very crazy, possibly retarded person. It doesn't matter who.

Honestly, over the past several months I think I've been following this closer than the actual election. That's depressing.
Lauritz Melchior
Hometown, represent =(
You mean your scars healed WELL.
Pie Boy
shit, but i love haterade
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