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Artist:Antonio 1st -Italy
Desc:me performing top gun mighty wings and destination unknown
Category:Music Videos, Heavy Metal - Hard Rock
Tags:Top gun mighty wings movie tom cruise Steve steven
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Comment count is 9
73q isn't meant as a personal dumping ground for your music videos.
It should be noted when I made this comment, this douchebag had spammed 73q with 5 or 6 of his stupid homemade videos and left web address comments in all of them to go to his myspace or something. Someone, presumably Chet, pulled them all except this one.

I see...
sorry man i'm just new to poe tv...i didn't know...
that 73q was not for " home made videos"
anyway 4-5 videos it's not a spam.-.come on....

I don't think Hart Deer needs a guitar player, dude.
The Townleybomb
OK got it "73q" is an italian abbreviation for "guitar karaoke" I always wondered
Una cagata perfetta!
se per te e' una cagata perfetta..staltra volta allora il video fallo te
cosi vediamo come suoni un po' te...

Comme on dit en Quebecois, mon hostie de calisse en crisse, you suck.
sorry man but i don't understand your language....

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