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Desc:This one is for all the acedemic liberals, not the stupid liberals.
Tags:Question, QuartuvLarry, cocksmile
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Comment count is 22
I just love his finishing move.

Quoting QuartuvLarry himself in the comments to this video:

"What the hell was that grin at the end?" It's a knooooowing grin because I know the answer to the question!

Oh Oh Oh.. I know this, I know this!

(hand raised and waving wildly):

"The Holocaust was not perpetrated under the Weimar Regime, but under the rule of the National Socialists, who completely disassembled and dissolved the Weimar Republic. Weimar hate speech laws would thus have nothing to do with the Holocaust?"

(wan smile to other students)

Stars are for the preamble and the smile, which is aptly labeled.

So is this guy a troll or genuine? Because that smile seems to have been carefully calculated to invoke deep hatred within my being.

In one of Anne Coulter's book "How to Talk to a Liberal" she directs her flock to smile like that in order to piss liberals off. I'm actually not kidding.

Guys, I have a problem that can only be solved by the power of smugness! Who can help me?
I have a question, it also is sort of a trick question -- how many holocausts have been prevented?
Twelve. All by time traveling President Grover Cleveland. And yet all people do is bitch and moan about how he hasn't gotten around to Hitler yet.

He actually came up with a genuinely difficult question to answer. There's just so many ways its stupid, its hard to know where to begin.


I have a question. How did tobacco tariffs in Boston not prevent black people from owning slaves--- In Louisiana? *cocksmile*

I have a question. A woman has seven children, half of whom are boys. How can this be possible?

I walk on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and am incontinent at night. WHAT AM I!

Grover Cleveland only prevented two non-consecutive holocausts.

He makes a very good point. If a law made by some group of people at some particular time did not prevent some specific sort of evil from occuring, that logically negates the effectiveness of any other such laws.

So, with the QuartuvLarry Correlate in mind, what other laws should we strike from the books?

I will go with speeding. People still speed and are killed because of speeding, so those laws are worthless. Same with Drinking and Driving laws.
How did seat belts prevent the assassination of JFK?


So is the trick the fact that he is a holocaust denier, or is he himself genuinely that stupid to believe that is a real trick question given that the holocaust did occur?
Yeah, the first time I heard it I thought the trick part of the question was that it wasn't even a question at all, but a bunch of words strung together willy-nilly.

Seriously though, I work in a Special Education classroom, and my kids have never asked me a question this retarded.

That smile isn't irritating so much as eerie. There's just something not right about it.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's smiling right after saying "Holocaust"

This guy is a one trick pony. Basically, he constantly poses these "challenges" knowing that obviously his question is irrelevant to the point he is trying to make. He misses the irony of what he's attempting to do, declares himself a winner when people try to answer the already flawed question correctly, and then just keeps spouting some incredibly ignorant viewpoint (again, missing the irony).
This man needs another hole in his head.
So has anyone yet posted the video where he says that if Obama so easily can be the victim of Racism why would anyone want him to be President.

(Psst, dont EVER use that logic on George W Bush and the Liberal Media. Just dont. Please.)
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