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Desc:Discovered in Russia by a reindeer herder, and they want to clone him.
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:Mammoth, Mummified, Army of cloned mammoths
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Comment count is 20
Awesome. Come on Russia! I know you can do this!
Why do they want to clone a reindeer herder? They must have dozens of those guys hanging around!

(insert drum crash here)
That, sir, is what you call a rimshot.


i thought a rim shot was how you entertain on the weekends

that's a rim job

kiint would know.

if your mom wants to toss my salad that's her business

It seems like every 3-4 years there's another mammoth discovered in Russia and they always have the exact same idea of what to do with it.
In soviet russia, mammoth clones you!

Syd Midnight
Untrue, up until the 70s they used to eat them. Frozen mammoth meat is reported to be extremely vile but will keep you alive in the tundra.

Cloning a baby mammoth.. in 30 years when it actually happens it's gonna be soooo cute, and kids won't be impressed at all, the ungrateful little shits with their beepity boom blop music

Cap'n Profan!ty
Global warming is bringing out more of these carcasses...so doubtless a lot are being lost to wolves and the like.

Frozen delicacies you say

Pretty soon we'll be riding cybernetic War Mammoths off to battle. It'll be awesome.
It may look real, but it's Pleistocene.
I know I shouldn't be encouraging you, and yet here I go.

Syd Midnight
That was awful

Hay Belly
NMS for conservative Christians and the Amish.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I for one will welcome our new mammoth overlords.
It would be comperable to the moon landing if somehow we pulled this off.
clone it clone it clone it
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