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Desc:A baby and his friends impersonate police officers and harass people.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Nollywood, i bought the soundtrack, nigerian gary coleman, baby police
Submitted:love and politics
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Jeff Fries
I know this is great, I don't even have to watch it
Lauritz Melchior
Having watched the first clip, I can say it is utterly awful.

Five stars!

Also, I am saddened that "Baby Police" and not "Hitler: King of the Campus" was the first full upload. I eagerly await the more thrilling action/horror nollywood films.
King of Balls
Me too. Big "Hitler" fan here.

Agreed, I really want to know how the bloody clash in the cannibal village (???) turns out.

Lauritz Melchior
Pray, tell, where did you purchase the soundtrack? I'd be willing to shell out a dollar for that groovin' beat.
love and politics
just playin'...

Oh Emmanuel Lewis, how far you have fallen.
thye couldn't have used more low camera angles if they tried
Unfortunately there is only one audio engineer in all of Nigeria, and he is deaf.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
This is a documentary.

Eagerly awaiting "Hitler" and "Hitler 2."
this is a really scary movie.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Nigeria looks like an amazing country.

Also the soft beats of Baby Police ease my troubled mind.
a flaming monkey
Was that... English? I thought I knew quite a bit of English....
In a truly just world, this would be like that Mexican Biker Skeleton video - it's not fiction, it's a really really elaborate Candid Camera sketch and the Baby Police are actually stopping and fucking with these people.
Operation Cornflakes
Yes, than yuh for yuh wisdom. I am bebeh p'lice.
I am going to watch this. I am never going to understand this.
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