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Desc:Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable finally hit on the tough, personal issues
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:gywo, Get your war on
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Comment count is 12
i tend not to like these, but this, this i like.
I swear these are getting exponentially better.

I was beginning to worry, because I actually laughed at the previous one. Glad to see this comic sucks just as bad now as it always has.
Is that a duck? Is there a duck on the line?

you are dumb and do not get jokes

Corman's Inferno
Needs "Cotton candy cadillac driven by Abraham Lincoln with a beard made out of diamonds" tag.
Maggot Brain
The four stars I'm giving this are only for that line.

that was the best line i've heard in a while

Unmerciful Crushing Force
This only gets four stars because they at least there was actually a legitimate arugment, Abraham Lincoln's beard of diamond because I'M A HUMAN~~
Five stars for the 'I'm a human' song.
I don't know why, but these always brighten my day. There's something theraputic about them.
I'll MARRY your fuckin' ass!
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