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Desc:'This is a tribute to my dear friends Colhan, Lotus, Emiko, and Chibifighter.'
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:fat, youtube, bad singing, BigAl2k6, screaming frog
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Comment count is 14
why do the terrorists attack new york when this fat fuck is the fuck cock dick kill i want to kill him and tear out his face muscles and shit and kill
XxGaloyxX (7 months ago)
I know that you said you where a singer, but damn, that's amazing.
BigAl2k6 (7 months ago)
I didn't spend 6 years in choir class for nothing buddy! ^.^

Sudan no1
he's like a slightly more agreeable Matt Moulton.

Sounds so very fat.
The comments. People are giving him positive feedback. Hes eating it up. I have a feeling our friend here is going to be quite entertaining for months to come.

Needs a "screaming frog" tag.
He turned himself into an AMV

D :
He sings with a fake British accent. A big, fat, fake British accent. I just know that if I ever somehow saw this guy in like a regular place I would punch him so hard and then just never stop punching. I bet I could show this video at my trial and be exonerated in no time flat.
Facepunching is always good.

oh god someone cosplaying totoro
God has nothin' to do with this son.

wtf japan
I'm going to drive to this man's house and make something useful of him. And by that I mean candles and soap.

You butcher Croce, I butcher you. That's how it works.
Caminante Nocturno
Not a human, but an animated mass of feces, given life to mock humanity.
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