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Desc:tishy, donky-doo, caquita, doody, poo
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Educational
Tags:sissy, poo poo, wee wee, once upon a potty, straight faced
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Comment count is 20
Freeman Gordon - 2008-12-04
5 ca-ca stars
Freeman Gordon - 2008-12-04

Jeriko-1 - 2008-12-04
Is this one of those 'toilet train your son to prevent TEH GAY' things?
voodoo_pork - 2008-12-04
Rudy - 2008-12-04
Somebody's going to raise a kid with ISSUES

sparklefatty - 2008-12-04

Five stars for my word for doo doo.
Twitch - 2008-12-04
I was once in a band called 'The Madd Grumpies' because one of my friend's words for poo-poo was 'grumpy'. I wonder if this is from the same branch of that vocabulary tree.

sparklefatty - 2008-12-04


Another five stars.
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-12-04
garcet71283 - 2008-12-04

lucienpsinger - 2008-12-05

boner - 2008-12-04
According to the Google ads, "it's Toot n Tinkle time!"
wtf japan - 2008-12-04
Caquita sounds like something that should be delicious...
Dr. Venkman - 2008-12-04
actaully its like a cute way of saying shit in spanish, at least thats what i remember growing up when i was a wee dork and mom and grandma would fawn over my shit like it was the second coming of cute.

nutbush - 2008-12-04
"Make water" sounds like something that confused quite a few children.
Randroid - 2008-12-04
Well, if you can make it you surely must be able to drink it

fermun - 2008-12-04
Po-Po? I thought that was the name for cops.
charmlessman - 2008-12-04
Donkey-doo? Really??
Is this for kids who poop in baseball sized chunks?
Walker - 2008-12-06
Five stars for the jingle.
athodyd - 2008-12-11
Jimmy Smits in the role of a lifetime
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