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Desc:brits flinging cars around with a catapult
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Car, fly, catapult, trebuchet, britian
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Comment count is 8
chumbucket - 2008-12-05
why I still respect the british
Smellvin - 2008-12-05
Because they are capable of reproducing 13th century Arab engineering?

Camonk - 2008-12-05
Well wiseass what century of Arab engineering can YOU reproduce? Horrible voiceover costs this a star. Shame on you, Britain.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-12-05
I am very familiar with the Arabic Numerical System. Seriously, I know how to use "Zero." Does YOUR number system have a non-numerical placeholder? I bet you're all Base-60'd like the Sumarians! HAH!

Syd Midnight - 2008-12-05
Thew story is that the old guy wanted to have a big gun collection, couldn't get the local permits, so he decided to show the fuckers by building a gigantic siege engine. Then people started showing up with old cars and pianos and paying him to launch them.

Respek that.

RockBolt - 2008-12-05
Trebuchet = automatic 5
sunisevil - 2008-12-05
Man, he hates that car. I feel sorry for his dog when it gets too old.
stompr - 2008-12-05
Well, the British seem to know how to party...
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