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Desc:Sue Johanson discusses the subtleties of 'HUAGHLAGHLHAGHLAGUAHG'
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:sex, sue johanson, Head Honcho
Submitted:Comrade Admiral
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Comment count is 10
Helena Handbasket
kiss, lick, drool, throw u.. I mean DON'T throw up. Ok.

Well, you're problem is that you've got a lot of extra vowels taking up all the space in your throat...
your.....shut up

Goethe and ernie
JUST the head, JUST the head.... scribbling furiously here, it all becomes clear
Rodents of Unusual Size
Sue, you are a fountain of knowledge.
Mike Tyson?!
Listen to Sue's accent. I am 5 staring because of that.
The caller seems disappointed. She clearly wanted specific advice on deepthroating, as this is what her man enjoys. Dear caller: Just toss back some salt right before you go down.
You know, that's not unusual for Ms. Johansen. Weirdly, she can be sort of a prude when the discussion is about things she finds distasteful.

a flaming monkey
Suzie, cut a hole in the back of your head. It's the only way.
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