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Desc:Watch out, Ryo! Manly men are around every corner!
Category:Video Games
Tags:Dreamcast, homosexuality, ACTING!, sexual predator
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mountain dew insimination
So much going on with this franchise that warrants mentioning...

I remember the first being touted as game experience that would revolutionize video games forever. It turned out to be a SHITLOAD of mini-games (even the combat system was a mini-game).

However the most bizarre memory I have was getting a defective disc that froze Ryo-San in the "forklift operator mode" of the game. Ryo was supposed to save up enough to make up the deficit needed to get to Hong Kong, culminating with a giant 100 man throwdown to end the first chapter of the game with a bang. The only problem was...I worked and worked...for weeks...and the final showdown never came even when I had enough fucking yen. It was like being doomed to a virtual life of forklifting crates for eternity.

i just assume the video game revolution consisted of stark reality, in that not all softspoken teenaged karate masters ever get the chance to leave the shipping yards.

most of the time, you just toil away until your anonymous, quiet death. if youre lucky, Video Game Bruce Springsteen might write a song about you.

mountain dew insimination
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sexy Duck Cop
Same happened to me. The "trigger" that was supposed to activate a plot-advancing battle never went off, so I was stuck in purgatory, forever unloading crates at the docks.

They really captured the essence of Hong Kong right there. Just tons of dudes taking your picture with old ass cameras and shit. It's really a great city.
Nice to see Shenmue 2 was even more realistic than the first one.
I like when you go around asking everybody in Hong Kong if they know a kid named "Wong" and they all immediately know who you are talking about.
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