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Desc:Rarely seen interview with the author
Tags:Lovecraft, they have tremendous power, hp, hp lovecraft, arcane
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Wow...old dupe.
a flaming monkey
Put some spectacles on a math teach = Lovecraft.
A non-euclidean geometry teacher maybe.

Binro the Heretic
"The purpose of my work is to inform all good people that all non-white and/or non-english-speaking peoples are murderous savages in league with the forces of evil."
a flaming monkey
Yeah, I remember the first Lovecraft story I ever read was Rats in the Walls. I remember being surprised that the protagonist's black cat was named 'niggerman'. Then I read more and more of Lovecraft's stuff until I finally attained the rank of Grand Cyclops.

Syd Midnight
"Rats in the Walls" is a story that you really need to hear read out loud. Holy shit, Lovecraft is 10x creepier when read well.

Better yet, read it to a kid as a bedtime story.

I really want to give that man a wedgie.
Syd Midnight
Yeah, it totally kills the legend to have seen the REAL Lovecraft REALLY answering questions on camera. What a TARD.

Uh, you know that isn't REALLY lovecraft, right?

The dead giveaway being that while he was alive virtually no one gave a shit about Lovecraft, much less be willing to film an interview (a massively expensive prospect in those days)

a flaming monkey
Of course it's not him. He was a hermit. ...and he had tentacles.

Mr. Snow, I believe these to be negro eggs.
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