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Desc:Music video
Category:Music Videos, Humor
Tags:Dead Milkmen, Punk
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Comment count is 15
Not enough of the girls I've dated have jumped up on tables and shouted "ANARCHY!"
The band looks about as interested in the song as I am (five stars!!)
One of my favorite songs. Great shit.
Isn't that hallway he's walking down about a minute into it the asylum from Amadeus?
This song is just about everything that punk rock should be.
if i ever found myself in a situation where i was on american idol, this would be the song i sang.
Testicles of Doom
I never noticed the Dawn of the Dead reference before, bravo!
Love this. Try playing that guitar solo the way he does. The notes don't sing so much as flail around and drop to the ground like a bird that flew into a window. It's a unique skill.
The McK
I... don't remember forming this band in high school...
First concert I ever went to. Halloween when I was in 8th grade. Man, I was a cool fucking kid. What happened?
Raoul Duke 138
My first concert, too.

Are you...me?

Wow. Suddenly I really really really miss being 13.
Dave's dead. The rest of the band is old. Both Zipperhead and The Philly Pizza Company are closed. I'm sad.
Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
Beavis and Butthead watching this video is one of my favorite memories from the show...

I think I'll have to submit that to POEtv now....
The Townleybomb
Best song ever made by a guy who got ostracized from POE red for messing with furries too much.
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