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Desc:The first 9 minutes are pretty unremarkable but still pretty amusing. After 9:00 it becomes gold
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Drunk, judge judy, DUI, judge, judy
Submitted:Magical Man from Happy-Land
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Comment count is 29
Hay Belly - 2008-12-08
How can someone so worthless be so smug?
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-12-09
Anyone who cares about the mailman as much as he does has a right to be smug.

fatatty - 2008-12-09
Pretty much all humans are capable of rationalizing their lives to the point where they can feel superior to those around them. Those who can't generally commit suicide or become emofags.

buttnutt - 2008-12-08
I think the first 9 minutes are worth watching. Mr. Fleming's moronic comments are pretty hilarious.
mysterycar - 2008-12-08

Lauritz Melchior - 2008-12-09

fatatty - 2008-12-09
Motion carried.

Frank Rizzo - 2008-12-08
pedo alert
Frank Rizzo - 2008-12-08
4:50+ reeks of comically poor editing.

"...if you cant control yourself there is something going onHEY!!!!!!came out the door and uh..."

charmlessman - 2008-12-08
Oh shit, "I HAVE EPILEPSY!!" That should do it. WHEW!!
chumbucket - 2008-12-08
9:32, hat loss
Evilhead - 2008-12-09
Thank you for that.

Aubrey McFate - 2008-12-08
I'm not going to waste anybody's time for a sprained ankle!
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-12-08
No hard feelings, Cletus.
FangoftheCobras - 2008-12-09
last line.
Xiphias - 2008-12-09
I'm ready to have a beer as I speak
phalsebob - 2008-12-09
I can't watch Judge Judy. The stars are for drunken hickery.
Hooker - 2008-12-09
You have to watch the whole thing. It's all in the build-up.
pastorofmuppets - 2008-12-09
Seconded. The drunkenness and falling are great, but what separates this from every other video of drunkenness and falling is the absurdity of someone not realizing that they shouldn't repeatedly try to convince a judge that their injuries were minor even though they submitted a counterclaim arguing that they were not minor.

Also, the mailman could have broken his neck. Unfortunately, he didn't.

ProfessorChaos - 2008-12-09
It's nice to see a faceplant video that is in a different setting every once in a while.

I half expected Judy to say "Dude - you okay?".
Camonk - 2008-12-09
I like how a fucking TV judge tries to claim that coming before her for drinking and driving is stupid. Uh, lady, what are you going to do? Yell at me and give me less prize money? Okay, I can take that.
mon666ster - 2008-12-09
Do Americans really have home surveillance cameras like that?
Repomancer - 2008-12-09
Xiphias does.

Freeman Gordon - 2008-12-09
wasted time
tak_a_je_to - 2008-12-09
Kind of what poeTV's about, man.

Testicles of Doom - 2008-12-09
"That's it?"

"Yes sir. You've discraced yourself quite enough for today."
Quad9Damage - 2008-12-10
"It's not a big deal, why would I go to the emergency room for a sprained ankle when it's not a big deal?"

THEN WHY ARE YOU IN THE COURTROOM, IDIOT!? Or are you there on behalf of the hypothetical mailman?
The Mothership - 2009-03-23
I thoroughly enjoyed the security guard's intervention. He needs more speaking roles.
dododge - 2010-03-15
"Why is he talking?"

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