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Desc:When two unstoppable forces collide, there can be but one victor
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:roman, titan, wresting, steroid abuse, greco
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Comment count is 11
a flaming monkey
wrestling is a strange, strange sport.
Killer Joe
Noooo! Forgot to log in! Anyway, thanks for not spoiling it.

a flaming monkey
spoiling what?

And yet it's older than all of the sports most people consider "normal."

And here come all the "wrestling is gay" jokes.

Well I mean be honest. Wrestling IS gay. You can't deny that.

Sort of... ? If the purpose were to, let's say suck your opponent's cock, then it would be tough to disagree with you; but since the point (at least in the case of something like submission grappling) is to attempt to physically harm them, it could definitely be a lot more gay.

Obviously one could make a case given the attire and the overwhelming amount of physical contact in a wrestling match, but I think that most of the "gurr wrestling is gay" crowd thinks that way because a) they're barely physically capable of playing tetherball let alone wrestling b) they were beat up by wrestlers in school.

I mean, if all wrestlers are gay, and this is just their way of expressing their true sexuality, wouldn't you see a lot more boners at high school wrestling meets? Trust me, I've looked, and I haven't seen any.

Killer Joe
I was going to say thanks to monkey for not spoiling the fun surprise, but then the comments got weird.

I believe that's called "presenting"
wtf japan
Ah, the infamous Lordosis maneuver perfected by none other than Enrique "Concha" Menendez.

Gayer then WWE
And in ten years, they'll all have herpes!

(No, seriously... look it up)
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