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Desc:opening sequence to a ridiculous 80s movie, everyone needs to see this movie.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:80s, Cop, new york, roller skates, quiet cool
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Comment count is 14
Our Hero, ladies and gentlemen, has a tough time catching someone on rollerskates with a motorcycle.
Starring James Remar as Cop-On-the-Edge, Nick Cassavettes as one of the thugs running a marijuana-farming operation in some logging town and helmed by the director of "Critters".
Adham Nu'man
Moral of the story: Black people hate water.
Oh, that's why he's wearing that helmet.
I saw this in the theaters thank you very much.
To catch a single purse snatcher, he nearly kills dozens of innocent bystanders, destroys a flower shop's display, and knocks over a poor janitor's mop bucket. Yeah, some hero there.
niko bellic

That must have been some bunny hop he did over the train stalls... twice...
I like the completely different motorcycle they used to jump out of the subway.
And this is still better than 90% of the shit they dump into the theaters these days.


I remember thinking, after watching this on Encore the other night, that now the age-old question of motorcycle vs. rollerskate has been settled. I still await the following resolutions:

Moped vs. Segway
Rollerblades vs. Magic Elf Wings
This year I will lose weight vs. This year I will final succumb to obesity.
Finally, a hero for those of us whose asses were welded to our motorcycles in horrible repair-shop accidents.
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