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Desc:UnificationNow lady presents her case for being the best Joker.
Tags:batman, Insane, joker, UnificationNow, too crazy to fuck
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Comment count is 22
Okay, if you didn't think so before, she is the queen of batshit.
...therefore...she is the greatest Joker.

Spike Jonez
HER Joker is more like Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy.

Busby Berkeley
Another point is that, while the other two Jokers were actors playing crazy people, she doesn't have to act to play the Joker.
What IS Unification Now?
a flaming monkey
Oh shit I paused it at 1:01.

You should have soldiered on to the part with the bonus beard.

Mad Struggle
She deserves a smile like that.
wtf japan
Definitely fucking scarier.
Syd Midnight
From the preview screen, I thought maybe Chris Crocker had a psychotic break.

Unification Now lady is old school PoE crazy
Dr. Venkman
...i stopped it right after she said "because my joker doesnt have to be all bad"...if there ever was a case of missing the point its her, i want to shit in rage.
This wasn't bad enough to be evil, and obviously wasn't entertaining in any way so what the fuck?
poetv used to mean something!

No, fuck you, she is an exemplary case of a totally fucking insane new age burnout who stumbled upon some video equipment in her apartment. These videos are supposed to be some sort of spiritual advisement lessons, but they are filtered through such low-budget crazy that they are completely bewildering.

This is classic poe, you new kids just don't get it.

Syd Midnight
Shame PoeTV has a NSFW tags rule, because she really deserves a "too crazy to fuck" tag. Because it'd come down to just the crazy.

There isn't a NSFW rule on tags actually, I think. We have lots of profanities in our tags, it's not allowed in the description or video title though.

I love this woman
Oh hell, its starting early.
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