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Desc:I'm sure we've all experienced it in Oblivion and Fallout 3, but it never gets old.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Oblivion, bethesda, elder scrolls
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Comment count is 16
Dr. Venkman
someone let the dead get in!
Syd Midnight
Herr Matthias
Stop hitting yourself! Quit hitting yourself! Why are you hitting yourself?
Herr Matthias
...and apparently someone else had the same reaction and posted it at the same time

I'm 5-starring for this because it was posted 3 days after Syd's comment.

That is a neat trick, but you can't play it at Jimmy's birthday party because he is retarded and he might start punching holes in the doors again.
The part where the guy drags himself up and along the door with his horrifying flailing really makes it.
the best is when this happens with the individual gory body parts in fallout 3
I had this happen to one of the raiders inside a satellite dish. He just about threw himself over the edge of it.

+1 star for the loading screen. I know a guy named Weasel who works down at Guitar Center who's an Expert of Blunt.
Then you better tell him he can perform a backwards power attack with a chance of knocking opponents down.

The power of CHRIST comPELS you!
Once, my roommate called me in while playing Oblivion.

He had just killed a small goblin in a doorway, and this was happening, except instead of just twitching, it was literally ricocheting off of the bottom, sides, and top of the doorframe with an outrageous amount of force and violence, probably the maximum that the game allows.

We just sat and cackled at it for around 10 minutes before any of us could say anything.
The ability to rape physics is what makes this engine so great.
Syd Midnight
Speaking of rape physics, you can grab individual limbs and pose nude ragdoll corpses after a battle. I heard that somewhere.

Actually it gets real old, after a few hundred floppy green troll dongs you just start leaving the armor on them.

I posed all of my noteworthy kills. Setting up crimes scenes is one of my favorite things to do in oblivion and fallout 3.

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