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Desc:Beastman, Melty Troll, Sword Guy and Lizard Person are in hot water with the boss.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Skeletor, Frank Langella, Masters of the Universe
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Comment count is 17
And you know that as soon as they leave the room, Pancake Makeup Girl is gonna beat the shit out of Melty Troll. So sad.
When Skeletor does it, it's not a crime.
Dear King Arthur,

You have won my stars.

Caminante Nocturno
Lizard Person was just covering for a friend who was out sick!
I was always pissed that Lizard Person got killed and not Melty Troll. Man, I love this movie.
Caminante Nocturno
How does Melty Troll go to the bathroom with hands like that?



Beastman, Blade (eye patch), Saurod (lizard man), Karg (the begging troll thing), Evil Lyn (lady), and I think that brief moment of the spiked helmet guy must be Spikor. I had no idea who Karg was because I know all these guys from the action figures and cartoons which I watched\collected obsessively as a six year old. Karg only appears in the movie and is not part of the show, I guess.
Syd Midnight
I feel glad that the lore of He-Man has not been lost, but preserved like oral tradition

"I'm so angry at you, I"m going to kill somebody else!"
"I am not in the giving vein" is from Richard the Third. Just in case you thought this film wasn't classy. (oh, and what a bitch it must have been to act under all that whipped cream)
If you consider the other movies that came out during the 80s based off toys and franchises, this is actually done pretty well. Between the costumes, makeup, and scenary it's remarkably faithful to the cartoon. Stick this next to something like Super Mario Bros, and it's impressive that Skeletor even looks like the character.
Needs "Lizard People" tag.

Also - I love how Pancake Makeup Lady basically has a "You gotta be fucking kidding me" look on her face the entire time. Every clip, she's obviously embarassed to be seen with this bunch of retards.
Well I mean later she pretty much reveals that Melty Troll was lying about being outnumbered. I think when she mentioned sparing their talents, she was more referring to their ability to clean up and take out the garbage.

"I am not in the giving vein this day!"

Frank Langella's Skeletor is mesmerizing and genuinely frightening. #7 or #6 of the Top Ten Evils. (#1 is David Warner in Time Bandits).
Big Muddy
The performances, the makeup design, hell even the mannerisms are very reminiscent of Star Trek especially the 80's flicks. Ah, as were the 80's in a nutshell.
The Mothership
That's some good advice; don't speak unless you know what to do or you want some shit to come down on you.
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