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Desc:Hey, want to confront your daughter about her sexual activity? Go on the Maury show!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:sex, Maury Povich, maury, why the terrorists hate us, weepy mom
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Comment count is 17
TELL your mother everything you've done sexually RIGHT NOW.
c,mon with these clips i work all night and sleep all day i don't get to see them......500 stars!!!
Sudan no1
needs more pickle phobics
Just once I want the daughter to actually be a very nice person whose reputation has been sullied by lies spread by peers. That or secretly a horse-pig who feeds on semen.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Can I get back my precious family heirloom?

(eye roll)
"Tell your mother everything you've done sexually. Tell her! Right now!"

"Did he give you any money?"

CREEP. Maury thinks she's worth 10 bucks.
Geoff Marr
It's just baby fat.
I see. She flipped me off. That showed me.

Also, I'm pretty sure if the mothers weren't so sobby and grew a backbone they could put a stop to this.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Could maybe use the "Why the terrorists hate us" tag.
[Waking up at the crack of Dawn joke]
mountain dew insimination
The fifth star is for the person shouting out "HAV'M ARRESTED" from the audience, which sparked a lengthy internal meditation on my part on the postmodern dimensions of using the Maury show both as means of entertainment and as a public forum of judgment. And for the strange nodding specter who appears around 2:30 and is never seen or explained again.
Two men enter, one man leaves!

agreed, Maury is the modern day mob equivalent of tar&feathers or the public square pillory

"I've slept with 15 guys. Sometimes for drugs."
"Can you get my ring back?"

Shotgun Jackson
Dawn: I slept with a billion guys, I have aids and I know where your ring is...

Mom: WHERE IS MY RING!?!?!?!??!/
Caminante Nocturno
I doubt Whiny Mom ever gets her ring back.
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