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Desc:BBC documentary about giant biceps, steroids, and body dysmorphia insanity.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:steroids, body horror, biceps, greg valentino, body dysmorphia
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Comment count is 14
I never wanted to see this man again. Multi-colored contacts too. I guess being a mutant guido wasn't enough attention for him.
I kind of like that his entire horrible near-fatal ordeal has basically boiled down to a really cool story to tell 'the guys'.

i agree with cleaner, the best part is that this is all he has by the end of it

a flaming monkey
Holy shit. this beats the ass out of my nightmares.
SPOILER: His arms never explode
a flaming monkey
...I just don't know how to rate something like this though...

Monchiles Monchiles
I think I've seen this before. Does it have some dude giving himself home surgery and getting a huge infection in his arms? And also some guy giving an emotional speech about how steroids are a-okay for you in recreational moderation? Five stars anyway, even just for reminding me about that.
a flaming monkey
Also, chavs on steroids. That is a scary goddamn thought.

wtf japan
Man, I miss Roachbud.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I bet he would bounce the hell out of this guy's arms.

"I'm gonna take it to the next LEVEL!!!!" ***POP***
Eroticus E
What bothers me is that Greg Valentino attributes his arm size and his infections to steroid use, when they're clearly the result of synthol injections. Steroids don't change the shape and structure of your arms to something that freakish.
The very notion that someone was VAIN enough to film themselves drawing shit out of their own freakish arm with a hypodermic and the bloody mess afterwards is five star material alone.
Valentino is awesome, but personally I'm carrying a torch for the Scottish guy who used to inject himself with anything anybody mailed him and now looks 1000 years old.
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