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Desc:nightmarish boardwalk automaton
Tags:laughing, uncanny valley, woman, nightmare fuel, laffing sal
Submitted:big pincers
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Comment count is 17
Is this Santa Cruz?
Duh, check the video, retard. That whole pirate-themed arcade there is full of crazy crap like this. And then there's the gay caveman on the skyride above the boardwalk.


don't be so hard on yourself.

Seperated at birth: this thing and Shaye St. John.
Shaye is so much prettier than this... thing.

Five stars for the epicentre of all Central Californian evil. I live in Santa Cruz. Imagine 'The Lost Boys' without the production values, and without the supernatural - just ordinary, run-of-the-mill murders. Oh, and more meth.
Jeff Fries
I have so many good memories of the Boardwalk, the worst one was when a transient tried to abduct me by claiming that I spit on him from the Sky Glider and that he was going to drag me off to security.

The Santa Cruz boardwalk is gheto.

My ex would be totally freaked out at this. She would like, run for the hills and have nightmares for weeks.

Girls are funny, is my point.
Needs "nightmare fuel" tag.
I'd recommend a "diastema" tag as well.

Also "nocturnal emission fodder"

You know, for irony

A nervous man is trying to cut through a nearly deserted boardwalk at night. He's frantically trying to find a crowd of people, because its safer. Meanwhile two men lurk in the shadows. These men are after the Nervous Man. Apparently he absconded with a large sum of money and these men are going to mete out some justice on behalf of an unseen paymaster.

Finally, one of the men steps out of the shadows and advances slowly towards the Nervous Man. He turns to run only to see the other, grim faced man walking towards him from the other direction.

Like syncronized swimmers they move almost gracefully in unison. The Nervous Man lets out a scream before he even sees the knives come out. There are silver flashes as both men stab and stab at their prey. As he lays dying, he looks up at that damned animatronic display with his remaining good eye. The thing just laughs and laughs, as it if mocking the Nervous Man's folly.

"Fuck you, Sal..." He hisses from a mouthfull of blood.
"Fuck... You..."
B. Weed
I wonder if she's as huge as the Laffing Sal at San Francisco's Musee Mechanique?

You can see her terrifying a child here:
Corman's Inferno
In 1959, Howdy Doody passed through Santa Cruz as part of a live tour to boost the sagging ratings of his once-popular children's show. One night, drunk on two bottles of red wine, he stumbled into an arcade on the boardwalk. As he closed the door, suddenly he caught the eye of an animatronic fortune-telling gypsy.

The next morning when the employees opened the shop, they were shocked to find a new machine opposite of the gypsy, then delighted to discover it was the perfect boardwalk attraction, since it both took quarters and scared the shit out of children. So they named it Laffin' Sal and left it at that.
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