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Desc:Because nobody pushes around the virgins from hell!
Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:hell, sexploitation, indonesia, virgins
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Comment count is 12
THESE are the virgins from hell!
I wish I could give five more for the Muslim Dating ad I'm seeing.

I've got an add that says "Major Religion: ISLAM"

Cap'n Profan!ty
Innocent Bystander
So the Chamber of Horros is that guys bathroom?
Yeah, and he takes monster shits in there, and he doesn't have a maid, so it smells. Fuck you this is Indonesia, where they roast women alive, apparently. Any place is a chamber of horrors.

I choose to give this as many stars as it wants.
Bitch! (slap)

Actually there seems to be little if any reprocussion for pushing around the Virgins from Hell.
Helena Handbasket
So wait. They're virgins, they're from hell, they're trapped by an "evil madman", AND they're in a motorcycle gang?
they''ll have to fight each other first...I don't think a film has since been so chock full of sexploitation, they should have awards fot this type of over the topness
I thought it said Vikings from Hell and now I'm somewhat disappointed.
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