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Desc:The entire documentary.
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:madness, charles, bukowski, alcoholism, poets
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merry christmas.
That was very nice of you, but now I want to call in sick to work to watch it and then get completely blasted.

what a perfect injection of human ramblings through an alcoholic haze for the holiday season! thank you!

Yeah well if I lived in LA I would hate everything about the human race too.

Bukowski hasn't held up terribly well at all for me since I first read him at 15 or so.
Not to shit all over him or that this documentary isn't interesting though.


I've never been very into him, I just thought this was well done.

Yeah, it's interesting.

Funny, but I discovered him later, and I love his world-weary self-depreciation and "well-read but down-to-earth" quality.

I guess maybe a dumb kid could think that the whole idea was how awesome and anti-establishment it is to be a sloppy ugly drunk, but if you read a book like Post Office of Factotum and have romantic fantasies about the protagonist's lifestyle, you may be missing the point.

It's more of the terse as hell writing style that got worn down really quickly for me.

Also, even when I was a kid, I could gleam that a lot of his writing was about the ugliness, sadness, and sometimes beauty/ugly beauty of American underbelly or whatever I could use to describe him. A lot of that doesn't feel as potent now.

This might have been affected by the last collection of stories I remember reading of his where he started a bunch of them off by narrating his characters waking up and taking a crap, which ended up being tiring to read.

thanks baleen
Who would want to be such a control freak?
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