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Desc:Grizzled Lincoln stars in the best game opening ever.
Category:Video Games, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:western, LucasArts, classic games, outlaws, dr. death
Submitted:Spider Jerusalem
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Comment count is 10
Cleaner82 - 2008-12-21
Many lines far too good for video games.

"Spider Jerusalem" is also undoubtably the name of an evil cowboy. Coincidence?
Aelric - 2008-12-21
actually, spider jerusalem is a gonzo journalist in the future. no, really.

also: despite it's flaws, i gotta say it was call of juarez that was the best western game.

Cleaner82 - 2008-12-21
Oh yeah, the guy with the funny colored glasses.

I wish I could put this one down as best but I never got my grubby little hands on it. So I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Sunset Riders. Fuck yeah. I was always the green Mexican guy with the shotgun. Because shotgun.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-12-21
Spider Jerusalem rids the world of varmints.

Camonk - 2008-12-21
Grizzled Lincoln has long ol' monkey arms.
Cleaner82 - 2008-12-21
They bothered me bad when he was burying his wife. My soul shuddered.

Hooper_X - 2008-12-21
This was a fun little FPS built on the Dark Forces engine, complete with a painfully-cribbed-from-Morricone score. (I mean BLATANT cribbing - it was like they just cut up a "best of Morricone" album, threw it in a blender, and strung together whatever came out.)
chumbucket - 2008-12-21
the animation work on this was pure artistry
Cleaner82 - 2008-12-21
I'm not SURE if this is the Full Throttle crew, but it seems similar, maybe less polished.

MindGeyser - 2009-01-11
"Marshall James Anderson buyin' perfume. This is history."

"This is marriage."
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