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Desc:Sheiky baby at his best, featuring a bonus temper tantrum.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:Interview, shoot, iron sheik, Also his balls are huge, Brian Blair
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The Iron Sheik is the Ozzy Osbourne of the wrestling world.
Completely true story: My best man had actually booked Sheiky Baby to appear at my bachelor party. He cancelled about a week beforehand to do the Stern Comedy Tour thing, which he was promptly thrown off a couple days after my wedding.

So yeah, I was thisclose to having Iron Sheik get drunk as fuck and hang out with my idiot friends. (Incidentally, his booking fee is something absurdly cheap like 0, and he lives somewhere around Atlanta.)
I would have PAID for that wedding video.

He lives in Atlanta nowadays? I remember in the late 90s/early 00s when he worked the bouncing slot at Webster Hall.

"Hggghhh--" *snap*

"Ahshit, gitta me 'notha interviewer, I broke dis one."
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