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Desc:She just wants to eat rice and live in an apartment in the north side of Chicago
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crazy, Furries, white people
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Comment count is 30
Spastic Avenger
Reymon14 must have gotten bored with wrestling.
500 stars for this comment.

Also, it sounds like cheetahs smoke to much.

You know, furries may in fact be an expression of an animal identification that was useful to hunters in our evolutionary past. If were willing to grant that homosexuality is an expression of genetic predispositions that were evolutionarily advantageous in the opposite sex or as recessive an...

Nah. Nutters.
I wish she were happier and had better animal ears. Please Christ let me not be this in ten years.
She took voice lessons from Christian Bale.
Haven't you heard? She's Catwoman in the next Batman.

mountain dew insimination
I'd totally fuck her and I think it would be a lot of fun.
Gross, but high five!

Well obviously nothing is stopping you.
I must be agonizingly boring when I'm home alone relative to everyone else in the world.
Cowboy Funk
Good Christ, look for the tail when she sits down....
Shotgun Jackson
someone has had sex with that
how was it?

Rice. Tacos. Chinese food. Wine. Phones. The American dream.
I'm sick of being a wide animal.
I think that's my mom.
If you have sex with this it will sink it's nails in and never leave. Then there will be the day when you forget to fill the food dish with General Tsao's Chicken and cheetah woman shows her displeasure by peeing on the bed.
Spirit bulbed, for the imagery it inpsired.

mountain dew insimination
On second thought this is the only video on this user's Youtube account and it's six months old. Soooo yeah I'm guessing suicide, and you know what....I'm pretty ok with that.
Okay none of the furries I know are even remotely this bad. And I know some who are pretty bad.
Fluffy knows furries.

This surprises you?

Busby Berkeley
SCTV's Edith Prickly, 30 years later
So insane.

Chinese food does not come in shitty plastic containers.
It does from Trader Joe's.

5 stars for the fat, lonely old fur-bator who buys her condo.

Or, at least, says he will until he finds out his mom won't cosign on the mortgage.
not seeing much particularly 'white people' about this, except that it's from the north side of chicago
She's clearly orange with black stripes.

We should make special jails just for people like this
After watching this for the fifth time in a period of 2 months, I just now realized there's a hole in the crotch of her costume.
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