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Desc:The whole thing. 'The Collapse of Intelligent Design'
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Evolution, intelligent design, creationism, creationists, ken miller
Submitted:Johnny Madhouse
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Comment count is 15
I wish I had time to watch the whole thing. Ken Miller is awesome. Finding Darwin's God is a great book.

I wish I were naked with an eight ball, a typewriter and a glock.

Sometimes... you have to make the Christmas Miracle yourself. The magic is in us all, Baleen. I believe in you! Make that wish a reality today!

I wish I were naked with a writer-type with an eight-balled cock. wait... no. yeah.

I'll try to listen to all (its laundry day).

There is a huge gap between the popular and scientific definitions of the word "theory". I almost wish for a new term for encompassing scientific descriptions that account (without contrary evidence) for all other known facts in that context.
I wish there was some kind of institution where children could go to be educated about this sort of thing. Maybe they could hold "classes" in science or something.

There's no real intellectual rigor applied to the level of education that most of us achieve. You go, you take the test, you leave, you get a job. Meaningless.

god wants us to seek the truth amen
It makes me wish I knew things about things. But please, find some time, watch it all. The lecture itself is about an hourish and then it's all Q&A which I haven't caught yet.
Johnny Madhouse
There is also a forty minute question-and-answer section at the end, so the lecture is actually pretty conveniently sized.
So give me a bit and I'll get all the way through this. Otherwise, yes indeedy, this is quite intellectually stimulating, good chaps.

This is good, but if you know anything about the ID/Science debate, there's nothing much to see here. This is a talk for people who honestly don't understand why the issue is a big deal and don't understand the legal attack Creationists are waging against education.
While in my country, the Netherlands, there is currently no danger of Intelligent Design gaining a foothold -- a 'trial balloon' by a christian Minister of Education was swept away in a media frenzy of ridicule and shaming -- I still appreciated this lecture for other reasons: the account of the debate's political dimensions is very interesting, and Ken Miller seems to be awesome indeed.

It was a great presentation, but he's preaching to the choir. The people who need to understand this are the people who would never watch a lecture anyway, or who would dismiss it out of hand. Good luck to him in any case.
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