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Desc:More purple-wigged 70's goodness from Gerry Anderson.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Science & Technology
Tags:ufo, gerry anderson, purple wigs, alien eye removal
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Comment count is 7
Greengrocer's' Apostrophe's: MAINTAINING SCAN FOR UFO'S

Was using 's for plural acronyms acceptable then? I remember seeing 1970's, 70's, etc. almost always, while today it would be 1970s, 70s.

In North Carolina (and other states), they have resolved apparent departmental or legislative indecision and inconsistent wording in documents ("Drivers License" vs "Driver's License") by calling it a "Driver License," which sounds like something you have to get to carry your play club.
It makes sense in the context of the show. In the show, UFO became the accepted "name" for the aliens visiting our world, pronounced as an actual word: "Oofoe"

Yeah, it's silly Gerry Anderson stuff, but it actually has some damn dark themes and episodes running through it. The whole concept of the show is that aliens are coming to earth to suck the vital fluids out of people. It is never revealed why they do this or quite who they are or where they come from. There's also a lot of big brother themes in it about the SHADO organization's control over its own people and censorship of the media.

Still would be UFOS unless used as a possessive. "MAINTAINING SCAN FOR UFO'S BUTTOCKS"


Caminante Nocturno
I'm really let down that the purple pageboy didn't become a popular hairstyle in the future, which is now the present.
Guys driving sports cars and girls with purple hair in the 1980s?? Unthinkable!
I'm not clear which year this is supposed to be.
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