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Desc:Church commercial about the death of Satan. "The killer has been identified as Jesus Christ."
Category:Advertisements, Religious
Tags:Jesus, murder, satan, Mississippi, church
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Comment count is 27
This. Is. Oh my god. Yes.
I'd totally pay for that.
I would show up at a funeral for Satan. And I'd keen in front of the coffin, for some heel heat.
So Jesus broke one of his dad's commandments...
I like how Jesus basically formed a lynch mob and killed a guy in broad daylight. Hardcore.
Zhou Fang
So the presence of Satan is directly proportionate to crack crime rates.
Aw, man, I missed the Devil's funeral.
Herr Matthias
The funny thing is, it's not that bad for a low-budget commercial.
I aint payin no ten dollar for no devil funeral!
Only in Mississippi. I would go and bring black roses for satan to see their reaction.
He just laid him out in front of the church? Wait, ? Nevermind.
Where is the community outrage? No manhunt for a killer? Our justice system is truly broken.
George W. Bush clearly doesn't care about fallen angels. Where were Satan's rights?!
So if Jesus killed the devil, I don't need to worry about him anymore? I can sin all I want? Woo!
Milton Gaston - That's the most Southern name I've seen in a while
Come for the funeral, stay for the bingo.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Well Satan's funeral ain't cheap, is it?
Satan's dead, but there's still some crime left
Calamity Jon
According to that chalk outline, Satan died in mid-jumping jack.
Meatsack Jones
The ability to speak coherent English apparently died with him.
old jeezy's got sum street cred
Pie Boy
Don't mess with the JC. He'll fuck you up.
Greenville, huh?

Satan was probably on his way to the Crossroads to buy some souls and figured he'd stop in and grab a steak at Doe's when he ran into JC and this shit went down. Wrong place wrong time.
I just wanted the camera to scroll down to see if the chalk satan had hooves.
fun nugget
Seems quite similar to the Leprechaun news story...

If any of you have seen that.
Jesus is going straight to hell.
Sweet then I guess I don't gotta go to church, then.
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