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Desc:There really really great tacos, but this man does need his mail. From Mtv's The State.
Category:Humor, None
Tags:The State, taco, mail, mailman, Taco mail
Submitted:Dr. Venkman
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Comment count is 14
The first season of this show fucking sucked
It really sucked.

It sucked at NOT BEING AWESOME. BAM! Had you all going there. All like, Ha ha the State sucked at first! But it didn't. It was rad.

Three things I liked most about this...
1: His wife was a man in drag.
2: The way the mail man just fadded away.
3: The fact that the mail box just wandered off at the end.
agreed we just needed to see the last 30 seconds

Where really really great tacos?
Was this submission the reason I couldn't resubmit this video as an update to the original submission, or was this submitted because updating the original video didn't work in the first place?
(The original is http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=5946 )

MY submission that WORKED ONCE and that you STOLE like a god damned THIEF could have been easily updated by clicking the "update dead link" link under the video.

Jeff Fries
How else are people going to be able to favorite it twice

One of the best State sketches. Micheal Ian Black tag?
And I think that was David Wain as the wife.

-1 for missing 'gonna dip my balls in it' sketch.
that was the only good instance of that skit because Jesus refuses to laugh at the catchphrase on account of it being a cheap joke

Caminante Nocturno
Mailbox comes back though, right?

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