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Desc:Gary Null, Aids denialist's movie trailer
Category:News & Politics
Tags:aids, fraud, murderer, shyster, gary null
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 14
Pure fucking evil.

Also, 4:29 WTF?
4:40-4:45, "Africa is a country where..."

4:29 has e=mc^2 in the lower left...

4:29 is just a still of random math equations, as though to say, "Look! Math!" It's all very basic math, and obviously they couldn't even fill up the whole page, because most of the equations are repeats.

They included the formula for gravity and the definition of the natural number e on the still. Please explain, WTF do gravity and e have to do with AIDS?

Caminante Nocturno
Which one is Fergie?
Wow, what a loony.
Do PBS stations still air this fucker's show?
From the wiki:

Null's videos have been aired by PBS during pledge drives, but concern arose within PBS over the sensational claims they contained. Null responded by alleging an effort to silence him, saying: "The guardians of the gates of orthodoxy at PBS... you don't know who their friends are."[9]

The best conspiracy theories always sound kinda true, until you take 5 seconds to research the source. The question still remains...what is still keeping Magic Johnson alive and in good health?

"Additional questions remain. Has Null completed any science-based courses related to nutrition and public health? If so, (a) what did he take, (b) when did he take them, (c) did any of them involve classroom attendance, and (d) were any of them related to his degrees?...Null will not provide further information about his transcripts, coursework, or other details related to his degrees and that he regarded my request as intrusive and an invasion of his privacy. Why do you suppose he said that?"

- http://www.quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/null.html
the stuff about inconsistent HIV test interpretation is true

Which, along with possible mis-labeling of a minority of AIDs cases in Africa, is the only thing true in this trailer.

Right off the bat.

"Are you going to let a bunch of CELEBRITIES tell you AIDS is real? The problem with science is it's too objective."

Reminds me of this:
5 stars for having that much contempt for humanity

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