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Desc:Setting all you c**k suckers straight on saving soldiers lives
Tags:canada, war, rant, bear suit, rage
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Comment count is 8
So, apparently he invented armor for soldiers & vehicles, the government won't buy it, and now he wants to kill the Prime Minister (see part 2)
A gentleman would put a coaster under his cup.
I had dreams of Hurtubise having revenge by walking with his armour into the parlement and finish up Corporal Lortie's job, Ottawa side, and totally unstoppable.

Like many self-taught homegrown inventors, Hurtubise passes off as being a loony. One day, one of his invention will prove him right.

Maybe sooner if he can work on his marketing.

Syd Midnight
He is awesome and his armor is cool. The military owes him a gentle explanation.
We should name a ship or something after him...

HMCS Hurtubise
I don't know. I've watched all the tests and all of his armor designs seem to be very solid concepts, I just can't understand why no one will listen to this man. He's either going to be the Lee Harvey Oswald or the Nikola Tesla of the 21st century, either way no one is going to forget this man.
If the armor really is as good as he thinks it is, then the reason no one wants to buy it are probably logistical.

A. It looks ridiculously bulky and heavy. If you're marching twenty-five miles a day through some hilly, sweltering jungle somewhere, an additional 30 pounds over your normal equipment isn't going to be too helpful.
B. It might not be cheap to manufacture. When you're thinking of buying things on the scale of tens of thousands, even small percentages count.

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