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socialist_hentai - 2009-01-06

Om nom nom?

La Loco - 2010-04-20

Can I has Om Nom Nom?

Hooper_X - 2009-01-06


baleen - 2009-01-06

Barth the Chef is all like "I heeearrrd that!"

revdrew - 2009-01-06

Then threw the rat in his big cook pot.

baleen - 2009-01-06

名 我 的过去式.过去分词 反义词 !!!!

Hooker - 2009-01-06


zatojones - 2009-01-06

where was this?

Oktay - 2009-01-06

It was on liveleak.com, mw-hurgn-whey.

(iow, idk.)

theSnake - 2009-01-06

When you kiss your cat remember, this is what it was doing 5 minutes ago.

StanleyPain - 2009-01-06

Who kisses their cats?

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-01-06

You don't want to know.

mouser - 2009-01-06

Sometimes when I lie down near one of my two cats, it starts grooming my hair. I always have that uncanny feeling that it's actually tasting me just to see if I'm ripe enough.

Also, 2:49 Awwwww! It thinks it's a toy!

atheistgirl - 2009-01-06

Glad I don't eat in McDonalds.

And way too long.

Meerkat - 2009-01-06

In Taiwan, this is a Happy Meal.

Cleaner82 - 2009-01-06

Ching chong ching!

chumbucket - 2009-01-06

I was kinda hoping it'd stroll over to the birthday party with its meal.

craptacular - 2009-01-06

geez, it ate almost the entire thing

Cleaner82 - 2009-01-06

Mmmm. Goopy.

poopskin - 2009-01-06

guess they prefer rats to cheeseburgers after all.

Architeuthis Tux - 2009-01-06

Hey, that rat was probably the tastiest meal on offer.

HURF BLURF DUH - 2009-01-06

Why is there a cat in a McDonalds?

(notice I'm not nearly as surprised about the rat)

Syd Midnight - 2009-01-06

Looks like a patio section. The cat probably came to beg but scored a meal.

Testicles of Doom - 2009-01-09

I thought it looked like it was outside.

If it is outside, big fucking deal. It's a rat outside.

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-03-13


Timothy A. Bear - 2009-04-05

New on menu-rat fet cat.

duck&cover - 2009-07-04

Ratatouille happy meal.

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