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Desc:Goofy, misshapen redneck shows you how to work out with a bag of garbage.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:mullet, beer, dude, america, todd wentworth
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Comment count is 16
Wow. Pure entertainment. Even has a dead cat on his head.
I'm glad to know there's wisdom in drinking beer during workouts
Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
I can't believe I wasn't the one to submit a Todd video first. I actually know this cracker, IRL.

Some of his Election and UFC commentaries are great.
Go for it, Mister Horsecock! Go way out and wild. He reminds me of a kid I went to highschool with who called himself "Zach Attack"

Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
I left him a message telling him he was being discussed here.

I can't submit videos from work, but hopefully tonight I can find some of his better posts and get them into the hopper.

The shitty metal in the background makes this even more hilarious.
As long as everyone knows this is irony and that man is wearing a wig...
cow tipping.

fake or not, dude is a rube of ages.

bang to buck ratio
Todd Todd Todd Todd Todd T. Wentworth
I'm ashamed, but I'm going to try that trashbag affair.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Hell I'm canceling my gym membership after watching this.

I was going to say...that's not that bad of an idea.

I know! I mean it's crazy, but you can grab one of those 55 gallon industrial trash bags, fill it with maybe 25 gallons and that's like a fucking 200 pound weight for the cost of a couple cents on the dollar. Plus you don't have a bunch of heavy chunks of metal lying around your place afterwards.

I have learned an important lesson today.

Aw, I hurt so good.

Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
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