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Desc:The kitty Sashimi hates him with every fibre of her being.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:cats, kitty, Violence, sashimi, anger
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Comment count is 19
dupe. also this video is 3/5 talking face.
So why didn't you give it three stars?

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
The kitty violence is at least amusing, but the first minute is superfluous.
The Faghorn
I felt like mauling that stupid moustache off his face too.

Syd Midnight
Dupe, and I didn't remember the video from description, or preview, but I remembered it the moment I saw that guys moustache

If I had claws I would probably do the same thing.

But seriously, doesn't cat arrogance like that piss you off? Maybe i've just got dominance issues or something, but I would go up to that fucker and restrain it until it gave the fuck up.

That cat should be scared of something that could accidentally kill it just by walking, goddamn it.
good luck holding a cat down


It would be a lot easier if I had 3 arms.

holding a cat down isn't hard, all you need is a nice burlap sack to put it in first

I never take shit from cats. That's all there is to it.

sick bacchus
cat bouncer

Cat needs the Donald Sutherland Communist Cure.

Syd Midnight
Cat instinct makes it want to bite your spine with 8-inch fangs and eat your viscera. That we can defeat them with a pillow is terribly conflicting to their Lion instincts. Nature designed them to kill.

That's why I loathe toy breed dogs. You just can't shrink a dire wolf to that size and shape and expect the resulting abomination to remain sane. That why they always look so sad.

Imagine if the Predator was 6 inches tall and easily beaten with a couch cushion... it'd eventually end up on your lap thinking "Someday motherfucker someday" and pretending its toys were you.

Cat arrogance totally pisses me off! I've never gotten mad at a dog like I can get mad at a cat. Restraining them is basically the only option there, although smashing them into the wall is very tempting sometimes. That probably wouldn't be very productive though.

Timothy A. Bear
All day long 'I am smiling handsome and cat hates me, why' speil and shove a camera in my face while I'm hiding under the table and I'll rip your eyes out too, buddy.
That cat does not like Damo Suzuki.
The Townleybomb
Four stars for calling the cat Sashimi-san, even though it's a dupe.
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