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Desc:Another horrible live-action version? Yes.
Category:Trailers, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Street Fighter, Chun Li, Bison, balrog, horrendous
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Comment count is 21
Caminante Nocturno
This went from funny to confusing to slightly frightening.
Seriously, couldn't they find a hot Chinese woman to play Chun Li? You watched the Olympics. You know they're not lacking.

But of course Hollywood doesn't want to take a chance on casting someone unknown. Even Lucy Liu would have been better. She looks more like Chun Li.
Kristin Kreuk is allegedly part Chinese on her mother's side, so...I mean, that's cool, right?

Moot either way as it is very hard for Japan to create characters who aren't Caucasian-looking to begin with.

Forget her, you see who's playing Vega? That guy from Black Eyed Peas! WTF is up with that? "Hey you know that muscular narcissistic Spaniard with the claw? Let's cast him as that little Filipino looking dude with bad skin."

Goatee guy is Neil McDonough, an under-appreciated and very talented actor who is clearly throwing away a career he's just recently hit it big with on Desperate Housewives. This also means that there is a Street Fighter movie coming out where Bison is played by a guy on Desperate Housewives.

And not Kyle MacLachlan either...

So the villain is random goatee bussiness guy? Where'd M. Bison go? Dig up Raul Julia and stick a hat on him.

And while we're at it, Cammy is hotter than Chun Li, and also more fun to play as.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
You sir are blind AND a liar.


Oh, okay, I guess M. Bison IS the goatee guy. They simply....changed everything about him? Okay, then.

Also, not only is Cammy better than Chun Li, but so is Elena.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
And with that I declare a truce which will be predicated on Elena. Should this truce come to be breached then, frankly sir, you do not wish to know what fate would beseech you. GOOD DAY

Caminante Nocturno
You guys are blind. Karin was the hottest character in Street Fighter.

I vote Pullum. Excepting Elena of course.

Boy, this movie was even shittier than it looked.

This is no legend, even by our debased modern standards.
Princess v2.1

http://kotaku.com/5035822/street-fighter-movie-writer-takes-th ings-very-seriously

a flaming monkey
For fuck's sake.
Why a white chick? That's like casting a black guy to play Bruce Wayne.
SUPER HERO MOVIE staring Marlon Wayans as Bruce Wayne Brady. Coming to a theatre near you in 2009!

One star for not finding a hot Chinese actress to play Chun-Li.
Grace Mugabe
Given that her sole character trait is "comes from China", you think they could have avoided fucking that up.

Gonna nerd out for a moment: If they wanted to do a decent origin story for her, they could crib a lot of stuff from Udon's recent comic series, as she had a pretty interesting past: trained under a retired assassin (Gen), grew up under the shadow of her father, a policeman, and modeled her entire life after him, even following him by going into the same line of work. They could even have the movie focus on her work in Hong Kong as a policewoman, with her beating the shit out of Triad thugs, or the world spanning she did as an Interpol officer.

I'm sure they are going to mangle all of that horribly in this film, and I have zero faith in this movie.

Why is Geese Howard the villain in this movie?
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