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Desc:This is not right. This. Is. Not. Right.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:unsolved mysteries, ABOMINATION, desecration, sacrilege, NOT STACK
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Comment count is 9
Frank Rizzo
Ive watched a couple episodes and its inexcusable.
Menudo con queso
Thank you! I've been trying to figure out what this guy's name is for the past three frikkin years. He looks exactly like an in-law of mine and I haven't been able to figure it out and it's been driving me nuts...

Um, but yeah, Stack he ain't.
Looks like Cousin Avi in that suit.

First, Farina gets put in the unenviable position of replacing Jerry Orbach on "Law & Order" and now this.
Boo. Bring out the CGI reanimated corpse of Stack.
Don't get me wrong, I like Dennis Farina a lot. Dude just ends up in some awkward places.

It's still no "random other dude doing Ernest P. Worrell while Jim Varney moulders in his grave," which is the bar by which Taking A Dead Dude's Job should be measured.
The new Unsolved Mysteries has none of the charms of the original. No creepy music, no Stack and his ominous voice, the weird tele-center in the background instead of a lone storyteller, and I don't even think they have ghost stories on it. They've completely destroyed the mood of the show; but it's not like I'd ever expect Spike to understand subtlety.
Frank Rizzo
I wish I could give another 5... or maybe 4 stars for "weird tele-center in the background"

never noticed how weird it was.

it was the music, his voice and of course the way he "approached the camera" when he was cued...made it all very unsettling, man I miss that guy

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