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Desc:A humorous yet searing commentary about the choices confronting people who live in 'the poorest urba
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:colt 45, bronx, yellow food group
Submitted:Mike Tyson?!
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little kids are fuckin stupid
Comment count is 25
Menudo con queso

5 stars for "quarter water".

fat guy talking about what's nutritious in the store

and "utz" what the futz kind of company name is "utz"?
Robin Kestrel
William and Salie Utz started making potato chips in their kitchen in 1921 in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Utz is now the largest independent privately held snack brand in America. The chips are actually very good.

Angel Carver
"If you ain't eating Utz, you eating Buttz."

I can't tell you how many times I've wandered through a bodega on the verge of tears about the available nutritional options. Especially those horrible snack cakes.
Innocent Bystander
I liked this. And I've been to NY like once.

And kept the fuck out of Bronx too.
Godard's Drinking Problem
That choice kept you from becoming...

An Innocent Bystander.

Those bodega ice-cream sandwiches (Circus Man brand, usually) go really well with strong coffee.

(There is exactly one bodega in Maine.)
theres like 3 up in bangor

I enjoyed their banter.
Hey, Blackass!
Any difference between a bodega and a 7-11?
no go go taquitos.

seriously though, these are the food choices in any urban liquor store, i don't need to go to the bronx to see this. not exactly searing commentary.

Wait, wouldn't shitty food availability in urban areas being much more widespread than the Bronx make for more vital commentary?

7-11 is more expensive garbage. I wish we had a bodega around here.

Caminante Nocturno
Depressing food.
Crown Heights Bodegas don't have Country Club, but I love my Ballantines. I grew up with this stuff!
I went in the yesterday, and they now have Country Club! It's horrible!

Let the good times roll!

I almost want to dock a star for neither of them pointing out that eating that shit is probably why they're both so fucking fat, but eh.
I hope these guys are a crime-fighting duo together.
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